About Me


About Me:

Hi there! I so appreciate you stopping by this little space of mine.

A bit about me. I’d like to start off by saying “I’m Fine”... Just kidding! This was my way of coping and existing throughout life. I was the person that everyone sought for advice and support. I always functioned at optimal level for everyone else while I was completely broken and barely hanging on by a thread. Apparently after suffering from childhood traumas my brain suppressed my emotions and I functioned throughout life feeling mostly numb. Then life as I knew it came crashing down.

I had a mental breakdown in 2020. I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Unbeknownst to me, this would change my life for the better. Initially, I was terrified!! I thought that my diagnosis was a death sentence. At worst, I was unable to sleep (having clusters of nightmares). I began to self-medicate with antihistamines to help with the increased anxiety/panic that suddenly came out of nowhere; I was unable to manage my day-to-day duties without feeling completely overwhelmed, extremely emotional, or paralyzed with fear. For months, it felt as if I were being chased by a bear in the wilderness and had no place to hide. But God!! He never left, nor did He forsake me. I immediately got into therapy (A trauma specialist for women). This allowed me to identify unhealthy habits such as self-sabotage, guilt, shame, and fear. I've learned that renewing my mind is not an overnight process. I no longer say "Day by Day" rather "Minute by Minute".

I'm allowing God to complete the work He's started in me.  

I've also aligned myself with women that would encourage me with the Word of God. Most importantly, I began to ask God to show me who He was so I would know Whose I am in Him. I’ve learned through my journey, when you reach out for help, God provides. 

My prayer for this space is simple: that you would walk away with a sense of peace, and encouragement as you read my testimony; while imparting into you a little bit of Faith, Hope, and Love.

Remember, You matter and your story isn’t just for you, but to encourage someone else that may have given up.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made!