God, How Precious Are Your Thoughts Towards Me

You're Always on His Mind
Have you ever had difficulty receiving from God because you thought, “God has better things on His mind,” or “This isn’t that important to Him”? Well, that's a lie! God is always thinking about You! He whispers over you constantly. 
Right now, if you’ve had those discouraging thoughts come to mind, replace them by declaring the truth of God’s Word. Declare, “God’s thoughts are precious toward me. I am always on God’s mind. He loves me, and I matter to Him.”
Rest in His love; knowing that His love is free, but you must say yes to Him.
How precious to me are your thoughts, God! How vast is the sum of them!"
(Psalm 139:17, NIV) 
"Heavenly Father, how awesome You are! How great is Your love! I receive your unfailing love. May your love be engrafted in my heart. Thank You for perfecting everything that concerns me as I daily cast my cares on You in Jesus’ precious name. Amen."

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